Meet Pearl and Rosy

One day, a year ago, my mind was spinning and of course I was looking for a new venture to take on.  As if raising a 1 and 3 year old wasn’t enough, or traveling for work every month wasn’t keeping me busy, I decided to raise baby chicks.  So off to a farm we went… with kids and husband in tow, to each pick out a pullet.  Little did I know what exactly I was in for.. which will make a funny post for another day 😉

Present Day!  Almost one year later, we have two new hens- Pearl and Rosy!  Rosy is our Rhode Island Red- she is bossy and in charge.  Rosy likes to eat just about anything- run all over the backyard looking for bugs and loves a great game of chase with my son. (She is usually the one being chased)  Pearl is our Rhode Island White-  she is much more reserved.  Very shy and hardly ever wants to come out of their coop.  She is fully content living in her bubble, being fed grains and vegetables, and special treats in between.

Last week, I noticed that both hens were losing some SERIOUS feathers.  Slowly over the last two weeks, more and more were shedding.  As a beginner, I had never understood what that meant.  My mind was literally racing- are they sick? My goodness, they will be dead in a couple days!  What can i do?  Through a little research, I found that they were simply molting.  Although summer time is not ideal (according to information I’ve read) for molting, it still can happen.  So then I decided, they were too hot, not getting enough breeze.. OH and did I mention… NOT LAYING ANY EGGS!   So with that, led to a little cooling off…  Did you know chickens float?!


Pearl and Rosy’s first swim–  My son was ecstatic!  My daughter… not so much.  It made for an interesting afternoon– but guess what! The next day, I noticed a HUGE change in their behavior.  We also moved their coop to a different location in our side yard and I am still waiting for that next egg to be laid.  Oh goodness… I hear kids fighting and lunch on the stove overflowing. Until next time..

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