Come on girls, it’s time to lay!

These past couple weeks have been cold. Cold and Miserable.   My girls are not happy.  I’ve supplied them tons of hay to keep warm but still… NO EGGS.  I know its that time of year, the coldest time of the year.  Where I am from, we do not experience many cold days- that is what I love about the South.  I can definitely tell my girls are bored and becoming a bit stir crazy.

With that, I want to know some of your favorite boredom busters!!  We have things that keep our girls happy but I am looking for new ideas to try out to know out their boredom.  Rosy and Pearl’s favorite thing is running around (attempting to fly) in the backyard.  They especially love the sandbox under the kids’ play ground.  Did you know that chickens eat just about anything?!  Of course, there are those foods that are bad for them- but my girls sure love eating the dog’s leftovers.  I caught Rosy one day in their dog bowl eating the scraps while Pearl jumped in their enormous water bowl and took herself a bath!!

With the cold weather, and the lack of laying, I have been reading up on the use of a heat lamp in their coop.  Although several people seem to swear by it, I am too nervous that they would die!  See, our coop is not that big.  We only have two girls as it is.  I get it helps them to lay more often because it gets dark to early right now.. but it still makes me second guess that heat lamp.  Have any of you tried a heat lamp?  In my opinion, heat lamps for chickens are equivalent to space heaters for humans.. and we ALL know stories about space heaters setting fires– decisions decisions.  I think for now, I will stick to the lack of eggs. Besides, I still have enough to last for a while longer 😉   If my girls are careful…  they may end up like this- HA HA HA!



So tell me, what do your chickens like to do during the winter?  Comment below!


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