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Why I Started

Many people have asked me, why do you have chickens? Aren’t they too much to take care of with work, children, a family, and volunteering?  I always laugh it off and say, well, what else would I do?  So you can imagine that when I decided to start a blog about it all… well, lets just say, some think I have gone crazy.  And some days, well, I sure feel like I have.

I use to blog back in the day–  more so about life experiences.  That just didn’t really seem like enough- I need to blog about purpose, more than just little things in life that seemed irrelevant to the next person that I talked with.  So, I gave up.  I focused on family, my career, and striving for more in my life.   Now, some days, I feel like I have it all, and then not enough.  So with that, here I am again.. which brings me to what I consider a funny story to how all this got started.

I have a BFF, her name is Danielle.  You know when you meet someone and it is just an instant connection- a click that you very rarely find in other people when it comes to friendship?  Well that was us.  One instance brought us together.. nannying.  Who would have though that literally 8 years later, we would still be just as strong of friends (minus the distance) as we were the week we met.  She is an inspiration- she has been with me through my very highs and my very lows.  She knows it all.  D started blogging, about her life.. the trials and tribulations of a disease that she is battling daily,  one that even being around her, I see has changed her- her ways of living, eating, exercise, etc.  As I was reading her blog, which you can find here: , I realized that she wanted to spread the word. She wanted people to know that someone diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, can indeed make changes to live a better life..she had a purpose!  It was then that I realized, although my blogging would be very different, that I missed it and wanted to give it another go.. so here starts the story to how I created Bitch Bak Up… a blog about chickens, life, and what not to do.

I had a purpose.  I get questions daily on things I do, as a beginner, to take care of my chickens.  What do you use in the coop?  What if the chickens aren’t laying eggs?  Which coop is better? (Verdict still out on that one- the one we have is just WAY to small.) How many chickens do you have? When do you have too many….or not enough?  As I was talking to Danielle about blogging, she encouraged me to start something about chickens…  man that can be limiting..  and yet oh so many avenues and adventures.  I started looking for a name-  I threw out different names that had chicken in it… but I knew I wanted to be versatile- I wanted it to be more- be everything.  At that point, I had a lot going on- dealing with a lot of b*tchy people.  I was over it.  Danielle was helping me brain storm and she told me the only thing she could think of was Bak Bak-  my pinterest board for all my chickens!  She replied (after telling her my latest drama in my life), BakBakB*tchBak- I knew then and there she was onto something!  Literally…could. not. stop. laughing.  After a few bit emoji replies she sent me B*tch Bak Up— you know, like B*tch Back Up. Perfect!  I know a few people like that.. that needed some major backing up.  😉

And with that, B*tch Bak Up was created…  we decided on doing this together..  hey, maybe one day, one of us will be famous for it!  ILY D. <3