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Devastation of Harvey

Harvey.  It will never mean the name of a man again.  It will forever remind me of the devastating hurricane that hit the coast of Texas from Brownsville all the way to Louisiana.  Many lives lost, several friends homes destroyed, and hundreds of animals whom no longer have owners.

Two weeks before Harvey hit, our beloved Pearl passed away. An unknown circumstance that apparently is the “norm” when it comes to chickens.  In hindsight, it was probably a blessing.  The stress of going through a hurricane, I could not imagine with her.  We had her for a few years, and she is missed tremendously.. the chasing games between her and the kids, swimming in the pool, and perching in the window every night watching us in the living room.  She was a sweetheart and forever will be missed.


RIP Pearl <3


I’ve previously addressed what to do in order to prepare for a hurricane.. you can read about it here.  But then reality hits, an actual hurricane is on the horizon, panic sets in, and you take it minute by minute.  I recommend having a checklist.  One you can have prepared at the beginning of the hurricane season that is easy access to checking off everything you need to do.  Animals, kids, husband/wife, extended family— there is so much to do!  But what happens when your city no longer has running water?!  WORST. NIGHTMARE. EVER.  Something that is taken for granted daily, but when crisis hits, we are so under prepared.. which is why I sit back and think now- God has a plan for everything and he knew what he was doing.  Finding water has been an issue- for a week.  Luckily, we are now on the horizon to a surplus of water that is safe for humans and animals.

So now that we are chicken-less, I am devastated. I have been doing a lot of thinking- what is my next step?  I love having chickens– I love fresh eggs– I love that my children grow up learning responsibility and to take care of others.   Therefore, I have decided to make a bigger and better coop.  To put thought and dedication into making a bigger and better home.  To be creative in how we do it. To have more than just two or three chickens— and experience different breeds.  Stay tuned to the next phase as I will be blogging about the steps taken- before and after- and the process of probably one of my biggest projects thus far!

Like they always say, once a chicken mom, always a chicken mom!