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Life & Death


Life.. its a crazy, wonderful thing. With every life, comes death. I have so many emotions today. This weather, so damp, cold, and humid, makes everything a little more gloomy. In my last post, I told everyone the loss of our sweet chicken, Rosy. Since then, we have had two deaths in my family. Both somewhat fast and unexpected and yet everyone knew, it wasn’t far. I think of our family, the trials and tribulations each and every one of us go through in the worst of times and event he best of times. It leads me to reflect on my life… what I want out of it, what I want for my children and husband, my siblings, and friends. With that, there are a few things I have come to know:

~ FORGIVENESS. This is key in any relationship. If you cannot forgive, then don’t expect for people to forgive you. We all say things, do things, and act ways that are inappropriate in someone else’s eyes. Forgive them.

~ RESPECT. Respect yourself. Respect others. Respect can go a long way when it comes to relationships. Don’t lie to one another.. respect others for all that they are, even when it seems hard.

~ LOVE. Ah. My favorite <3 Love one another. It is the most wanted thing in every single person. To be wanted. To be needed. To be loved.

~ BOUNDARIES. Learn to set them. That does not mean cutting people out of your life. That means making boundaries by having healthy conversations with one another to express thoughts, emotions, and hurt.

~ FRIENDSHIPS. Cherish them. Find your tribe, and love them hard. Don’t waste time on the pettiness. When you find the ones you can laugh with, cry with, and share your frustrations with, don’t ever let them go.

I strive to live by these as often as I can.  Sometimes, it is easier said than done, and then other times, it seems nearly impossible.  But through all of the losses and death in my little lifetime, I have come to realize as an adult, that these rules above, if followed as often as you can, help to live a more peaceful, loving, and happier life.

I wish you all the same.. to live a life of peace, happiness, love, grace, and fun!