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R.I.P. Rosy

Rosy, may she rest in peace.   It is with sad news that I tell you, Rosy passed away.. In her coop.  Before I started in the “chicken business” someone told me to not name the chickens because chickens come and go so easily.. that is was best not to get too attached.  They can literally die from anything- a bound egg, territorial issues with others, sometimes completely unexplained occurrences, or by predators.  I didn’t care- I knew no matter what animal is brought into our home, it would always have a name.  For Rosy, it was one of those completely unexplained things.

I went out early one morning to water and feed them—  we usually do not let them free range until afternoon/evening time— where I opened the lid to get the eggs and there she was.  GONE. I was devastated.  We had Rosy for 2 years.  She was sweet, loved the kids, eager to follow and see what they were doing, loved to swim, and just overall fun.  My kids both still as for her and I simply tell them, with a broken heart, that she flew to Chicken Heaven and watches them run and play everyday.  So now, we are left with Pearl.  Our pretty, dominant, chases our dog, terrorizes the kids, lets me hold her when I want, loves to play in the water, white Rhode island.  We love her.  But we loved Rosy too.  so Rosy, RIP, as you are and were on of our favorites– you will be missed!