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Hurricanes A Comin’

When summer hits— so does hurricane season!  I have been blessed to not have to evacuate during a hurricane.  But boy oh boy, I am NOT looking forward to the time when I will have to.  Tropical storm Cindy was enough for me– and that was way too early in the season. I cannot imagine how the next 3 months will go.

There is a big debate in the chicken world.. What do you do with your flock when you have to evacuate?  Some good ole common sense is what is needed in this situation.  There are several steps you can take in order to make sure your chickens are out of harms way.  Throughout this article, I will go over some ideas on what you can do to keep your flock safe.

 Take them with you!

This is not ideal for people who have an entire flock of chickens.  For me, especially now that we are down to one currently, I can put Pearl into a cage and along for the ride.  Can you imagine?! 2 children, 4 dogs, and a chicken?  Oh Lawd!

Bring them indoors!

Bring those crazy chicks inside 😉 Do you have a garage? Do you have an enclosed space from the weather? This is always a viable option! Take them out of the wind. If you have to evacuate, then it is a safer option if you cannot take them with you!  Leave plenty of water and food for them if you have to leave.  Create nesting boxes with sand, hay, or wood chips, that will keep them warm.  As with every animal in a storm, chickens too get scared. make the proper arrangements to keep them safe.

Lock them in their coop! 

When you have too many– always make sure they are locked up safe.  Out of the rain, wind, hail, tornadoes, and debris that hurricanes bring with it.  You are still risking that their coop is strong enough to withhold a storm of that nature, but at least they will be out of harms way with everything else.  If you lock them in their coop, and you have a mobile coop, make sure to put it in a location safe for them.  For instance, away from trees, maybe up against a wall of the house, under a shed out of the storm.  If you have a stationary coop, make sure all windows are boarded and that there is enough ventilation for them inside.

Other Basic Things to Do!

Stock up on feed.  Depending on the category of the hurricane, you will need to take measures as far as food goes. Once the hurricane hits, supplies will be limited and stores will be closed!

Have enough water.  Make sure that you have enough water.  A chicken can go through at least 1 gallon of water every three days.  Make sure you adjust for however many chickens you have and that if you are evacuating without them, you leave enough for them to make it through.

3 feet rule.  Always store food and emergency vet supplies for your chicken 3 feet above your floor.   This applies more so to people who are living in a place that floods easily.

Electricity.  This applies to both outdoors and indoors.  Make sure everything is unplugged wherever the chickens are.  Make sure that their coops are not in the way of a power line in case it falls.  If indoors, make sure nothing is plugged into the walls and everything stored properly while gone.


I hope this list helped you prepare to keep your flock safe.  Although it is not an exhaustive list, all of the main points have been addressed.  Do you have any great tips in hurricane preparedness? Leave a comment and let us know!!  Happy and Safe Hurricane season to you all!

R.I.P. Rosy

Rosy, may she rest in peace.   It is with sad news that I tell you, Rosy passed away.. In her coop.  Before I started in the “chicken business” someone told me to not name the chickens because chickens come and go so easily.. that is was best not to get too attached.  They can literally die from anything- a bound egg, territorial issues with others, sometimes completely unexplained occurrences, or by predators.  I didn’t care- I knew no matter what animal is brought into our home, it would always have a name.  For Rosy, it was one of those completely unexplained things.

I went out early one morning to water and feed them—  we usually do not let them free range until afternoon/evening time— where I opened the lid to get the eggs and there she was.  GONE. I was devastated.  We had Rosy for 2 years.  She was sweet, loved the kids, eager to follow and see what they were doing, loved to swim, and just overall fun.  My kids both still as for her and I simply tell them, with a broken heart, that she flew to Chicken Heaven and watches them run and play everyday.  So now, we are left with Pearl.  Our pretty, dominant, chases our dog, terrorizes the kids, lets me hold her when I want, loves to play in the water, white Rhode island.  We love her.  But we loved Rosy too.  so Rosy, RIP, as you are and were on of our favorites– you will be missed!


Life.. Embrace the Mess that YOU are

Life.  That is what happens to us.  So many ups and downs and twists and turns.. and before you know it, months later, you realize that your life is just a mess.   A crazy, beautiful, busy, sometimes rough, slightly annoyed, work-addicted, colorful life- and I would not trade it for the world.

It’s been a while since I was able to write..  about life, about our crazy chickens, or the newest dog addition, or my kids that seem to have grown like weeds in the past 3 short months.  So with that, here is a little update on our favorite Rosy and Pearl!  They finally finished their second bout of molting..  oh how I have missed our daily eggs!  About 1 month ago, Pearl started to lay her eggs again– YAY!!   On the other hand, Rosy has stopped laying hers.  I do not think we have gotten an egg from her since before Thanksgiving.  My husband believes she is just done…  I still am holding out hope.  With that, has begun talks of getting a bigger coop in the works so we can have more hens!  Our girls like to free range a lot (then again, which hens don’t?!)  Now that our days are longer, they get to stay outside longer for their free-range time.  They enjoy playing chase with the newest pup, Norvi, as well as play in the big dogs water bowl.  They also like to pick oranges off of the orange tree and loving the alfalfa that we start to grow for them!


Spring is one of my favorite times!  It is filled with fun events in our city, a perfect time for spending family time outside and also time with friends…  crawfish boils are my families’ favorite!  Spring is also the time work is busiest– requires a lot of traveling which I could not be more thankful for.   Getting to see and explore new areas, regardless of the tragic reasons I am there, brings so much awareness.  I learn.. i learn how to deal with people, with life events, with different cultures, all the while, implementing those things learned back at home.  I am a very goal oriented person..  If I want something, I will figure out a way to achieve it.  Some see that as a threat.  I see it as attacking my goals head on and achieving what I want to make ME a better person- despite what anyone else thinks.  I have learned to become more free. Free by taking ME time.  Not letting stupid, insecure, and overly mean spirited people filled with hate, take me down.  Learning that the problem lies with that person or persons and they can figure it out.  Learning to apologize to those that deserve it and learning to love the ones that CHOOSE to be in my or my families’ lives.   But most importantly, knowing when to walk away and say I. AM. DONE.   The focus is on my kids. My husband. My animals. My friends. My work. AND God.  Life is:  Beautiful. Tragic. Happy. Filled with love.  and above all, I CHOOSE ME.